by Louise Traberg-Nielsen


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The War of Thunderchild

For years the Tripods have been seeking destruction on all man kind.

"We must go to the world of Skytion and destroy the Thunder child!"

"Hurry on board the boat everyone. The Tripods are coming!"

The boy is devastated while watching the city he used to call home, burn up. In the attack he watched his older sister, who was his only family, die from the falling buildings.

The crowd on the boat is in chock as they watch their homes disappear.

Meanwhile, a hooded figure standing in the crowd, is watching the little boy from the distance.

Suddenly, the Tripods starts moving into the water and towards the boat.

Determined to seek revenge on his sister and to save the remaining survivors, he grabs his hover board and slingshot, and flies off.


With a brave heart, he aims and shoots towards the Tripod's face.

He hits the Tripod's face, but in the fall, it knocks the boy of his hover board, and takes him down with him.

In chock, the hooded figure quickly jumps in the water to save the boy.

As the Tripod slowly sinks down the deep, the hooded figure drags the boy to the top.

As the hooded figure moves over the boy, he sees the face of his hero. A smile appear on him as he catches his last few breaths.

"Such a brave little guy!"

"But who was he?"

"He was my brother!"

She takes her hover board and laser gun, and flies up to finish the work her brother began.

With anger and tears in her eyes, she shoots the Tripods one by one, as they fall to the ground.

After killing them all, she returns to the boat where her brother's body is laying.

"HURRAY!! We're saved!!"

"But who are you??"

"I am Thunder Child!"

The End